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Contemporary Minimalist Tropical House Designs
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Minimalist Tropical House

Minimalist Tropical House. Have you ever heard that term? Or maybe you’ve heard of but don’t understand what it means? At this time the discussion we will examine the overall concept of how exactly the tropical House. In tropical countries, tropical House is already much developed and assessed very suitable to be applied.

tropical minimalist house designs

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Minimalist Tropical House is a house designed and adjusted to the tropical climate. Tropical homes will optimize the potential of tropical climate and reduce the impact of the tropical climate. In tropical areas, shines the Sun take place continuously every day so that the sunlight is abundant and potential can be harnessed to support the establishment of a comfortable home. However, despite the existence of many lighting, potential tropical climate also affects the condition of hot air and high humidity levels. If the seasons were drought and temperatures will be very hot but if it has been entered in the rainy season and the air is very humid. Of the factors that the tropical house was formed so that its occupants stay safe by means of controlling the temperature of the air in the House.

Air temperature control can be done by enlarging the volume of space the roof, enlarge the area of ventilation, arrangement of the room that is open, held a heated indoor pool, as well as reproduce plants in a home environment. So essentially, the tropical House is characterized by as occupancy has wide, sloping roof, every room has openings for light, as well as numerous ventilation so that the air circulation is good.

The Characteristics Of  Style Minimalist Tropical House
If you want to bring the feel of the tropics at the residence, you can implement some of the things that becomes the principle of a tropical House, among them:

  1. Roof Spaces. To build a Style Minimalist Tropical House, a roof is the important thing to note. The roof is an umbrella or protector of the House of Sun, rain and wind. Model of the roof is sloping roof that its at least 30 degrees, a minimum of 22.5 degrees, as well as zinc at least 15 degrees. In addition, high-ceiling roof must be at least 2.70 meters. This roof design, paying attention to the indicators of the sun shines, the potential of wind and rain, and that is not less important that roofing material is good.
  2. The wall of a Style Minimalist Tropical House. The wall also becomes an important part of a tropical house serves as the roof burden bearers, as delimiter of the room, as well as protective and insulating. The main principle of the tropical home namely room open so the wall must be given a lot of holes as ventilation. In addition, the wall must also be protected from solar radiation so as not to heat up and does not forward the heat into the room. This often escapes the attention so that the House at the time of day will be very hot. The wall also should not be too much, even more so that the view to the outside terrace which is a more natural green to the greater. It is important also in the soil around the walls of the House were given plants to make the walls stay up.
  3. The color of the interior of a Style Minimalist Tropical House. To bring the feel of the tropics, you can use a brightly colored wall paint with the elements of nature as the main element. You can put the frame with orange paint applications on the wall or the blue color. While on the floor of the House, you can apply the colors of sand and terracotta. Detailed selection of tropical-style home decor can be applied with the use of lamps with bright colours his hood or bright colors. Likewise, you could apply on a selection of sofas and other home furniture.
  4. The Division of space inside a Style Minimalist Tropical House not forever closed, some room should be left without restrictions. This condition can create the impression of broad air circulation and become more healthy.
  5. The existence of harmony between the exterior and interior of the home environment. It is normally visible from the front of the House, which was decorated with various plants which are equipped with wood and bamboo chairs.
  6. Garden Area can be given a touch of nature such as the addition of wooden elements on the garden lights. E.g. lanterns made of bamboo or wood. Around the House can also be designed with beautiful stones.
  7. Furniture, you can choose the furniture are modern in style and nature. For example, you could use a sofa and a table with carved wood around the edges and the foot of the table.
  8. Part of the House. If you want to apply the tropical style, choose colors that are suitable for tropical House. Blue, green and Brown you can apply. In addition,you can apply the tropical flower colors, such as orange, red or yellow color. Fora tropical home accents, you can use color to magenta and turquoise.
  9. Materials used are natural and mild nature, for example, natural stone,exposed brick and wood.
  10. You can design a House with large Windows and doors wide open and put a little garden inside the home.
  11. Temperature indoor air can be neutralized with water elements to incorporate in the design of the House, such as the existence of outdoor garden or pond water minimalist model.
  12. Make use of sunlight as a primary source of light during the day. You can use the skylights or vent openings of light at the top. You can also use the stained glass as an alternative.

An example of a style model home tropical minimalism.

Following we present some tropical minimalist house style that you can set as inspiration in building Your dream home.

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Minimalist Tropical House Design

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Minimalist House Tropic

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Contemporary Minimalist Tropical House Designs

source image: extendcreative.com

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